Emirates, Etihad resumes operations from UAE with more flights

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) lifted its ban on international transit flights yesterday, allowing its two major carriers, Emirates and Etihad to soon resume more of these voyages as they struggle financially.

The suspension referred to passenger flights stopping in the country to change planes and refuel, Reuters reported.

The Dubai-based airline Emirates announced today that it would resume flights from Pakistan to onward destinations transiting through Dubai on June 8 due to the lifting of restrictions. The carrier also said it would be adding flights to additional North American, European and Asian destinations on June 15, according to a press release.

Emirates previously announced it would resume flights to several North American, European and Australian destinations from Dubai on May 21. A search on the airline’s website today revealed direct flights from Dubai available to some of the aforementioned locations.

Etihad Airways said it would start flights linking European, Australian and Asian destinations through its hub in Abu Dhabi on June 10 because of the suspension being lifted, according to a press release today.

The airline was already offering direct flights to a limited number of destinations in Europe and Asia, as well as connections between Australia and the United Kingdom via Abu Dhabi, according to the release and Etihad’s destination guidelines.

The UAE is a major transit hub, and both Etihad Airways and Emirates have experienced significant losses from the downturn in global travel resulting from the coronavirus. Emirates reportedly fired some pilots and cabin crew last week. Etihad Airways also faces possible legal consequences if it does not restructure its debt.


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