Qantas increases frequent flyer points to book an Emirates Flight

From September, you will need 20 per cent more Qantas points to book a reward flight on Emirates.

The devaluation comes as Qantas shifts Emirates from the Qantas Classic Flight Reward table to the Partner Classic Flight Reward table, which requires more points overall.

A one-way flight on Emirates from Melbourne to London currently costs 55,200 points in economy, 144,600 in business and 216,900 in first class.

From September that same flight will cost 66,200 points for economy, 159,000 for business and 277,500 for first class.

The changes will affect longer routes more than shorter ones, but the increase will occur across all Emirates flight bookings.

As long as you book before 31 August 2020, your flights will still be charged the lower points amount.

But any new bookings or changes after 1 September 2020 will be at the new, increased points rates.

Australians hoping to fly to New Zealand once the travel bubble is open will need to think carefully about which airline they book.

A rewards flight booked with Qantas points on Emirates currently costs 18,000 points.

After September it will cost 20,000 points.

However, Emirates will decrease their carrier charges on frequent flier points – so the taxes will at least be less than expected.

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